Windmills for Electrical Generation


Wind power is one of the cleanest energy sources available on our planet and is one of the most cost effective energy solutions available today. As new turbine designs and technology is developed the costs of wind turbines will reduce further and it will make it economical for more and more people to view it as a solution for their needs.

Wind energy is the renewable energy with the most promising market penetration for large-scale development and utilization. In less than 25 years, the wind generation industry had grown from simple test programs into a mature and proven technology.

Wind generation costs are declining rapidly and have decreased from over 20 US cents/kWh to around 5 US cents/kWh. This almost equals the amount consumers pay for their utility generated energy.

Compared to other alternative energy sources such as solar, biomass and ocean energy – wind power is the most cost effective, reliable and proven. Furthermore, it’s the cleanest producer of energy and the least obtrusive and damaging to the natural wildlife – emitting 0 toxic matter and having no effect on migration of species.

Compared with all other types of electricity generation, wind power is one of our most important measures to lessen gas emissions and global warming.

Countries and states have started offering enormous incentives plans to encourage both utilities and citizens to invest in wind power in hopes to accelerate deployment and market expansion of this technology. It continues to be adopted at a rapid pace.


Revolutionary Small Wind Turbine

Endurance S-250 Small Wind Turbine promises to change the landscape for Residential and Small Business alternative energy solution.

Endurance Wind Power has produced one of the safest, most cost effective, quiet and efficient wind turbines in the world.

Endurance S-250 UNIQUE features include:

The Endurance Wind Turbine has been designed to match the energy requirements of a U.S. household or small farm (10,000-15,000 kWh/yr) when installed in a moderate wind resource (10 – 12 mph). By aligning energy consumption with production, return on investment for the wind turbine is maximized.

Check out the section on the Endurance Web Site – A beginners guide to Wind Power. This can provide you with a lot of great information if Wind Power interests you. Endurance Wind Power making it possible and feasible for People to PRODUCE THEIR OWN POWER. Click here to visit the Endurance Windmills Website

More Information on Working Windmills for Electrical Generation

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