Windmill Water Pumps


So most people will choose to go the electrical well water pump route for these pumps are far less expensive. Unfortunately, the maintenance and cost of operation is usually much more expensive with the electrical water pump solution opposed to the windmill water pump.

The reason most of these windmills are so expensive is because they have been priced by their manufacturers to sell to people whose power source is out of range. So these people have no choice but to resort to a windmill water pumping system.

Koenders Windmills has built their windmill water pumping systems at a price point that targets consumers that are close to an power source but prefer a solution that does not require electricity. Koenders air driven Windmill Water Pumps pump as much as 4 gallons of water per/minute at heights as high as 40 Ft.

Koenders Windmills manufacture windmill water pumps for both water wells and ponds or rivers – as mentioned these water pumps can bring water up from water source as low as 40 Ft from the surface. Koenders pond and river water pumps are designed to pump water out and into holding tanks, other ponds or into fields to irrigate crops.

Thousands of farmers and pond owners use these windmill water pumps as an alternative to electric water pumps. Koenders Air Driven Water Pumps can work with two brands of windmills both the Koenders Windmills and/or Superior Windmills.

There is a third method of pumping water up or out of a water source and that is called the airlift method.

This method uses air pressure to pump water and was used in the mining industry for decades. A few years ago Koenders Windmill engineers tried this airlift method out with a few of their windmills and it works very well under certain conditions. The same tests were conducted with Superior Windmills and they proved successful under certain conditions as well.

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