Working Windmills

Welcome to The site that educates and informs North Americans on the modern day uses of windmills.

Our planet is in a crisis situation and its critical that we all work together to find cost effective solutions where the uses of windmills may be considered as an alternative to modern day uses of power. We need to limit the amount of harmful gases that are being released into the earth’s atmosphere.

This site is our effort in trying to help the planet – our team of engineers and quality specialists have researched the marketplace for consumer products that meet the needs of North Americans in the areas highlighted on this web site. We have even came up with proven windmill manufacturers and local dealers that offer excellent windmill products at competitive prices.

Why are we doing this – we believe that windmills could act as one of the major contributors in slowing down Global Warming. We as a planet need to think of alternative ways to accomplishing certain things and windmills can be an excellent means to do this.

Its our obligation to do our part in slowing down Global Warming, our planet is approaching a crisis situation. With Global Warming accelerating at incredible speeds the whole world is researching alternative clean energy solutions that can reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions. Read more on Global Warming.

There are some incredible Windmill products on the market today that can help us meet our needs.

Windmill Water Pumps

Windmill Water Pumps

These are windmills that are able to pump water from wells so that you do not have to use electric pumps any longer - cutting down on your electrical power consumption reduces the need for governments to approve Nuclear Power Plants.

Windmill Aeration

Windmill Aeration Systems

Whether you have a pond or something else that needs aeration. There are some excellent products in the market place that compress air into diffusers that can keep ponds clean and algae free, avoiding the use of electrical powered aeration systems that millions of pond owners, city reservoirs, farmers and fish hatcheries rely on to keep their water fresh and clean.

Electric Generation

Windmills for Electric Generators

There are all sorts and sizes of these windmills - we have seen and read a lot of news on large scale Mega Watt wind power projects that hydro companies around the world are investing their resources in. What we do not hear enough about are the Small Wind Turbines. Up until recently, the Small Wind Turbine market has been dominated by a few manufacturers whose products are quite expensive and their output of power is quite low.

Look out, there is a whole new breed of innovators that have developed some extremely cost effective highly efficient Small Windmill Turbines that can run 1 to 2 homes. Now with incredible government rebate and tax credit programs both at the state and federal level we have an opportunity to take action in an affordable way.

The above windmill innovations are poised to change the landscape of the world and it puts the power in the hands of each individual instead of having to rely on the large corporations to provide us with the solutions.